Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What are you all chasing?

This past weekend I ran the 10km race in the 49th Annual Calgary Marathon, and achieved a personal best by five minutes.  I'm quite happy about this time, but I had originally signed up for the half-marathon and changed my distance a month earlier due to lack of training. I can't help but wonder... what if I had actually trained properly for this??

I really admire the people (and there were thousands of them!!) who ran the half and full marathon this weekend. Not only because they ran a bajillion kilometers at 7 am on a Sunday, but because after attempting to train properly for a half, I can really fully appreciate how much time, effort and dedication was put into preparing for their race.

At the start line May 26th, 2013

I had an epiphany today. Yes, I bailed on my half. I didn't train enough. And it would certainly be easy to look at everyone else online and on Facebook and kick myself for being slow or running a shorter distance but I still ran 10 kilometers and I improved my time. And that is something I am celebrating. There is no way I would have even considered running 10 km four years ago.  There's no way I would have ever tried a triathlon ten years ago (which is when I first realized I wanted to do one!). 

My epiphany? I'm kind of awesome and I have come a long way.  I've worked on my goals, one little itty bitty step at a time.  I started off struggling through 2km runs. It took me three years to run what I consider a really good 10k. That's a really long freaking time. 

Before I leave you, I must thank the volunteers and cheerleaders who woke up early and took time out of their day to cheer the runners on! They also made some pretty awesome signs. I must share my favourites with you:
  • Worst. Parade. Ever.
  • May the course be with you.
  • Who needs nipples?
  • What are you all chasing?
  • I ran a marathon once. [Insert grumpy cat pic.] It was awful.
  • Who are all these people following you?
  • I woke up really early to make this sign.

My new goal for the end of the year: Run a half-marathon and actually train for it!

Monday, May 13, 2013

A Weekend in the Rockies


Dave and I went to our usual crag at Grassi Lakes in the Rocky Mountains this weekend. This is a popular crag with beginners and experts a like because of it's quick and easy approach and proximity to Canmore.

On our way up to Grassi (we took the easy route from the bottom) we were passed by two emergency vehicles full of rescue workers.  When we arrived, we learned there had been an accident. It's not really clear what happened, but a girl had fallen from the anchors of one of the climbs onto some dirt.  No more information has officially been released about the accident, so I'm not going to speculate on what happened.

We watched a rescue helicopter fly in three times. The first time, it seemed like, was to ensure the helicopter could fly in safely without hitting overhead power lines. The second time, a rescue worker dangling on a rope below the helicopter was dropped off with gear. The third time was to pick up the girl who had been hurt, again attached to a rope dangling below a helicopter.  They all worked quickly and efficiently, and I hope the girl has a speedy recovery. It was definitely a good reminder of how dangerous climbing can be and to not become complacent!

We climbed at Graceland first on Elvis Lives (10c) and Graceland (10d). Dave made a sweet video of the 10c.

Moved onto Gardener's Wall, where I did my first lead of the season. This is where the accident occurred and I was definitely being extra cautious. I top Roped 10a in the right hand corner afterwards and then we called it a day!

We headed out and checked into our hotel and went for Thai food at a place called Thai It Up. I ordered a delicious Pad Thai with very fresh shrimp. I have been obsessed with Pad Thai lately, so if you have a good recipe, please share it with me! Our food took awhile, but it was worth the wait. I also sampled Dave's butter chicken and Sarah's panang curry...delicious! I highly recommend this place! We also got a local's discount. Nice that we were being mistaken for Canmorians.

Overall a fantastic day with some great friends!


On Sunday, I participated in the Rocky Mountain Soap Run Women's Run & Walk at the Nordic Center with some friends.  It's my third year participating and I love it!


Dave was there to cheer me on since it's a women's only run complete with aroma therapy towels and a goodie bag of all natural products from RMS waiting for you at the finish line. This year I decided to challenge myself and ran 10 km. That's 10 kms of hills, hills and more hills!!  As you can see I was really happy to be done!

Afterwards, my coworkers and I decided to make our run calorie neutral with a meal at the Grizzly Paw. Good times!!